Heart on my sleeve

Having someone be inspired by my influence is one of the most flattering discoveries.  One guy from highschool who was a senior when I was a freshman reconnected as a result of facebook. He wrote this poem about me and there is a lot of truth to his words, but then again I do wear my heart on my sleeve.  I just wish more guys had the ability to appreciate friendship and not always want something more?

Friendship is what lead to falling in love with my ex-fiance; I’m so grateful for his continued friendship. Friendship lasts, where it seems marriage doesn’t? So I have no regrets on letting go of the idea of marriage; neither of us would be where we are today. As far as romance goes…. I’m pretty much over that!

As I sit while thoughts intrude

I give up while the truth alludes

I know the path I need to walk

I’ve given up no need talk

I’ll tell you Steph with words that live

I have nothing left that’s left to give

I shared my thoughts with only you

I keep to myself, it’s what I do

Being alone is what I hate

Alone though is what is my fate

I’ve been alone through much of life

Even through my days with wife

I don’t share thoughts or dreams with friends

I’ve found that they will bring my end

The end that is the path I walk

The living more I chose to mock

I’ll tell you this because I found

I like to have what’s you around

Our paths have crossed so late in day

Too much life has passed away

I’ve shared my words with my past heart

It’s not poetic, it is not art

I’ve made these words though just for you

It’s not what I will always do

You are so rare that I’m confused

No one’s heart you’ve ever used

Take care my Steph and dance your dance

Smile with life and find romance

Tony Turner 2010


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