My Story continued: The Moment


Fast forward 20 years and I can look back and observe my destiny with some objectivity. My dreams for the most part have been replaced with survival, and I’m still here questioning why? With the help of my ex-fiance Nate, I feel I’ve had some revelations; you see, Nate finally got married the past year. It has been apparent that he is truly happy and in love and in some small way I can take credit for his happiness; if I hadn’t let go who knows how things would be? I have finally been able to move on and affirm my decisions were meant to be. I have also experienced the realization of my purpose in life I think; it’s to create joy! So although I haven’t overcome my current health stuggles I have been able to regain some insight and recover some of my dreams that surround my passion for music and dance. After all I’ve had cushing syndrome 7 times with an average of 7 months each episode (accumulated approximately 4 years); hemalytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, neutropenia, hypercalcemia, aphasia, nystagmus, optic neuritis, what they term as seizures, cholengitis with gall bladder removal, kidney stones involving 3 cystoscopys and 3 percutaneous nephrolithotomys with another scheduled in about 6 weeks, shingles and survived them all with the help from God! God clearly has big plans if He has allowed me to overcome all that and still have my gifts in tact! Now I just need to conquer my fears and take a step closer to my future and shine!


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