My Tribute

I realize I am known for my independence and it is a goal I seek on a regular basis, however, I am not independent from God and I am not an island! My brother recently brought up his concern for my health situation and my need for family. I’m not exactly sure what his point was but I started reflecting on ALL the ways God has always met my needs in times of struggle and all the amazing individuals that God has brought into my life that define my success and strength. So I guess I just want to take the opportunity to share and celebrate my amazing people that are God’s hands and feet! It starts with Sharon who in late February 2000 drove me into one of my first appointments @Loyola Medicine for a pulmonary function test. Then there has been Marcy who arranged her schedule around her family to take me into Loyola for a Dr. appointment or infusion, can’t really remember the specifics; just that she was there for me ( I think 2007′) ¬†My uncle Mark G delivered me to Rush Presbyterian to see my Neurologist/Opthamologist referral for the first time, when I was afflicted with optic neuritis during summer of 2007. He later ended up traveling to Rush with me to take me home and another time for regular infusions I was having. He has also taken me home after hospitalization a couple of episodes at Loyola too. I cannot forget Donna, who offered and picked me up in Rochelle to drive me into Rush for a follow-up appointment that I had shortly after my initial visit. Kathie who I worked with, later drove me into Loyola for one of my regular infusions, oh…. and by the way, the infusions took around 4 hours. Then there is Molly who drove on a road trip to Springfield for a hematology appointment, 2011 maybe? Heather who has changed the dressing for about a week after each of my percutaneous nephrolithotomy’. Not to mention trimming trees when I have been ill, while her husband Jay has taken care of my lawn mowing for the last 4 years. John repaired my grape arbor a couple years ago. The list just goes on and on………… My mother of course has been the VIP of all my 10+ surgeries over the last 20 years and then some; that could be a full time job, LOL ( a trip to Mayo Clinic ) It has come in handy that she is a nurse and so is my sister. Yes my brother has had the opportunity a few times to attend to ER duty @Loyola and most recently @OSF and even brought his now wife along for the ride to Loyola hematology. It’s a good thing he doesn’t mind traveling because I recall he made a trip to Springfield once for a hematology ¬†appointment too. Then I can include the list of all my friends that provide soul/emotional support; the list is many! Mau,Betty,Sandra,Patty,Sue,Cindy,Veronica,Jennifer my food girl,Josh,Connie,Teresa, Christy, my mothers friends,etc. It blows my mind to think of the riches in relationships that I experience; it takes a village. LOL! I know many others that would not hesitate to be there in whatever way needed. I only hope that all my friends and family know that my desire is to be there for them in my unique ways; whether it be sugar for VBS, pepper, concerts,prayers,organizing or writing projects. I still am capable of many things at the right time; including working full time and giving 100%.

My mom used to play/sing the song “My Tribute” when I was younger and for some reason it has been playing in my head today and I think it was to prepare me for my present?

Words: How can I say thanks for the things You have done for me, Things so undeserved that You give to prove your Love for me. The voices of a million angels could not express my gratitude. But for now and ever all I’ll be, I owe it all to Thee.

To God….. Be the Glory…. To God…. Be the Glory…. To God…. Be the Glory….. for the things He has done!

Just let me live my life; let it be pleasing Lord to thee and shall I gain any praise Let it go to Calvary!

With His blood He has saved me, With His power He has raised me, To God Be the Glory!

What a perfect song for my existence!