Darkness Meets Light

BeTheChange You don’t wait for others to set the tone, you lead by example and have an affinity for helping others. With your personal mantra, ” Be the change you wish to see in the world,” your ultimate goal in life is to make the world a kinder and more habitable place for all.

In this moment I realize why I am a “night owl” ; when the majority of the world is in slumber I find the most peace and calm energy. I’ve always had this ability for energy to encompass me. It’s almost as if I have a stronger and less congested connection to God in the darkness; which actually makes complete sense because God is Light! Of course He would shine in the dark! It is in these moments I find so many thoughts of Heaven in my head, when the rest of the world is in their bed. I discovered another label for myself: Christian Hedonist ( I truly find Joy in Jesus and His word ) I so just want so desperately to know I am serving Him in my employment. Why does this seem to be so unattainable in the world? I also know that is why God has allowed my situation with my health to transpire the way it has recently. It has allowed me to detach from work in a dramatic way and recognize the way my job has been perpetuating all my health issues and draining me spiritually too. I’ve also most recently discovered how I fit with passionate and purpose driven people; it’s all or nothing in my world clearly. I miss working with those types of people! The things you can learn about yourself late at night. Well if anybody happens to have any words of wisdom or insight to share, it’s the reason I am putting it out there. I am a learner and a seeker of wisdom and goodness who realizes my flaw in chasing perfection. Well goodnight all or Good Morning! Today is another day to find me.


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