Mothers Prayer

Growing up I witnessed my mother and learned the scripture “I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me” Phil 4:13.
As a child growing up I observed all her amazing gifts; while supporting 3 children as a single mom. It is because of her guidance I can tell the story of walking home from kindergarten and having a car filled with college guys stop and ask if I wanted candy; I confidently replied no and kept walking. When I arrived home I told my mother and she contacted the principal of my school to report the incident. My school later had an assembly to show the example of myself in that situation and teach children how to react. I remember the dresses she made for my sister and I when we acted as flower girls in my Aunts wedding. Looking at old pictures it is obvious she took impecible care with us. She took after her mother in her ability to cook as well; I enjoyed many times helping make food such as meatloaf and rice crispies. After my parents divorced she began working full time for the post office as a rural carrier at some point. During a grade school clarinet competition my mother jumped in to accompany me on piano after my music teacher had a delay appearing for my solo. I have no doubt I achieved a first medal because of my mothers ability to site read and make me look better! She has extensive gifts for music; singing church solos for many years and leading the most successful and memorable music program for VBS a couple years. She still continues to shine in music playing assorted drums/timpani in a municipal summer band in Rochelle and a Christian band in Rockford. In high school she helped me complete 2 home economics projects by finishing a zipper on a skirt I was assigned and also a button-up short sleeve shirt. She sewed a 2 piece skirt/tunic for a choral group known as “local vocals” performance for both my sister and I; so she made a great stage mom.
In the fall of 1993 she started her journey of fighting for my health after I had developed persistent and intense headaches; followed by abnormal brain and lung CT scans and spent a couple months on and off at Mayo clinic in search of answers, that included a VTC lung biopsy. She was even there to hit my pain button when I was incapable due to pain. She continues to be there for all my many surgeries and medical pursuits. She has been the wind beneath my wings in so many ways! It was around 1994 after returning to college that she received her LPN nursing license.
She has been taking care of her 4 grandchildren and babysitting on a very regular basis for nearly 6 years now. My cousin even commented about how her mother (my moms aunt) would often say “ Becky can do it” She even takes after her father and is a graceful dancer in USA Dance and attends stepping routines weekly also.
Working at the post office as a maintenance mechanic she developed skills in plumbing and electric which has come in handy in the house I reside in. She has rewired and installed a ceiling light that I purchased at Ikea. I believe this demonstrates why Phil 4:13 has been my favorite Bible verse since very early on and why I believe in it so much!
So it is devastating that she can do all things except keep Satan from binding her to stuff; stealing her peace and freedom, while infringing on her relationships and causing hurt and frustration. You see my mother suffers from a mental disorder known as hoarding. Things and possessions have taken over her life and house; it has gotten so bad, she has been without hot water for almost 3 years I think and another year or so without an operating refrigerator. What my mother fails to recognise is I am trying to fight for her; not judge her or condemn her. I just don’t understand how you can conquer so many obvious challenges and not this task, which seems so simplistic to just say no to stuff and let go! I guess I’m niave to recognise all the ways God has healed me with physical illness time after time and wonder why He isn’t healing this mental illness that seems more destructive than any physical illness?
God I ask for your healing of my mother’s brain, it is so obvious she has been serving You all along while Satan successfully binds her to this world. I want my mother to experience the fruits of all the Love and comfort she provides to her children and so many others! I’m begging you, in Jesus name, restore all that Satan destroys! Help me be an advocate of Love and not judgement in her eyes. Direct me to the difficult path to healing.


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