Dear Senator Ted Cruz

Trusted Conservative

Constitution Me

AP_ted_cruz_rnc_jef_160721_12x5_1600Dear Senator Ted Cruz,

Thank you.  I respect your performance at the Republican National Convention, and as an individual who voted for you in the primaries you have cemented in my mind, that I voted for the right guy.  That I did not waste my vote.  That you truly believe in the principles you championed on the campaign trail. That you, my candidate, is one of principle and honor. That you are willing to place the interests of our country above the party.  That you are not afraid to stand firmly upon your convictions, wherever that may lead.

I want to be very clear, you did not violate your agreement.  On March 29, 2016 in a CNN town hall, Donald Trump, voided the pledge.  He announced that he would not support the republican presidential nominee and that he did not want your endorsement.  Mr. Trump broke his oath to…

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