Less is Divine

The last 16 months have been a time of letting go of everything and realizing all that I have and what is truly important. I am blessed and it took losing most everything to understand this. I had become so distracted from my purpose and destiny. I had been depending on myself to try and keep up with worldly standards; when I honestly wasn’t even interested in the world. I was compromising my true power in Christ and taking for granted my health in the process, without even noticing. It wasn’t until I had been off work for over a year and avoided the hospital that I was able to experience freedom from a job that was killing me. I went from working in a Pharmacy and ending up in the hospital 4 times annually the previous 5 years to not being in the hospital at all; priceless! I have been without income for 7 months so far and I have found so much peace and freedom in Christ. It is empowering not having any desire for the material world. I’ve found spending most of my time spiritually seeking my Savior very rewarding. I have been blessed with so much! God is good and until you allow Him the energy and time you’ll never understand how He can move those mountains that we all have to climb in this broken world. God has shown me how much better His plans and understanding are. I am grateful for everything I missed while I was trying to do what the world expected me to do; instead of what God created me to do. Even at this point I’m not quite sure what I am suppose to be doing, however, it is obvious now what I didn’t need to be doing any longer and I trust God will guide me. As a result of my health experience I became wounded by the health care and pharmacy system and felt as though I was working with the enemy. I felt maybe I should keep my enemy close in my mind, but it changed me and I became a sell out for a job and income. I finally feel free to be exactly who God created me to be. Now I just have to figure out what that is? I’ve always believed “less is more” and now I am living the proof and content beyond my own understanding.
Unexpectedly politics has been a major theme this past year. I always hated politics but I think because it was out of my influence. As a result of the damage to healthcare I had been following Ted Cruz since his filibuster in 2013 and gained hope by his tenacity. So naturally when he entered into the Presidential race I was eager to support his constitutional and impeccable standards. Undoubtedly the laws of attraction opened doors that I never knew existed. It was around May of 2016 that my information was flagged as a conservative activist and I received an invitation from the heritage action sentinel program. So never think that signing a petition can not make a difference. I was accepted to the program and have learned so much insight into what is happening in the House and Senate. I have really enjoyed the weekly calls and feel like it has given me power in my destiny. Also as a result of following Ted Cruz I was introduced to other passionate Christian Conservatives and one invited me to be a moderator to his group “Prayer Warriors for America”. It has been so challenging and rewarding spiritually; more so than anything physical that I have experienced. I have always known I was a leader but at the same time was intimidated by the status; also because I really am just a servant at heart who refuses to follow anybody other than Christ. I have grown exponentially since being away from the stress and distractions of my job. So not only did I benefit physically but also spiritually; it makes sense though because they cannot be separated until death. Most people become so caught up in the physical; they miss the whole picture!
Lastly, my cousin introduced me to the product Juice Plus and after I had noticed benefit to my health I decided I would become a distributor in hopes I would be able to encourage others to prioritize nutrition and maybe even gain some income. I honestly have failed miserably so far, however, good things do come to those who wait. Patience is a virtue and I believe everything works for the good of the Lord. So in conclusion, this past year tested my spiritual endurance and strengthened my connection to Christ and my faith. I never imagined it was possible to get closer to Christ and I’m sure He has much farther to take me. Distractions are a fruit of the Devil!


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