Traditional Norwegian Easter foods


As  a Norwegian having lived abroad for 20 years, I often have to re-examine my own culture and traditions when asked by Americans what is typical Norwegian foods for different occasions.  What seemed natural is no longer so, as  I have  adopted my own way of life and ways of eating here in the U.S.   Christmas is probably the easiest holiday to explain, because most people will prepare our cured and salted mutton (“ribbe” or “pinnekjøtt”) or pork belly with the various accoutrements.   But what about Easter?  This holiday gives people a little more freedom as to what to eat, and you will find a variety of dishes throughout the country.  The tradition isn’t as strong as at Christmas when it comes to food, more experimenting will go on, perhaps  even modern and international dishes will find its way to the table.  Most Norwegians will first think of oranges…

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