Inspired By Illness

You haven’t lived until you have had a “Sanford and Son” moment; “Grandpa I’m coming to join you.” and I’ve had several dealing with sarcoidosis for over 24 years. Fasting lesson learned; carbonation can kill when you have GERD damage and have been abstaining from food for over 24 hours. I have practiced intermittent fasting for about two years and usually avoid carbonation, so this was a fail and valuable lesson. #Eat2Live not #Live2Eat
I suppose it could have been the works of a sarcoidosis demon, however, I have obsessed about God and the divine human creation enough to recognize that air builds up from stomach acid and will escape into the esophagus when your stomach flap is broken and does not shut (also known as gerd). If it builds up enough it will block breathing airways by forming a barrier of gases, until it is released. I was lying awake in my bed and all of a sudden I started gasping trying to take in air with no success. Internal suffocation released……. and ER visit avoided. First thing I did was grab the bottle of peppermint oil on my night stand and inhaled both nostrils; I then went to the kitchen and took a sip of ice tea from my refrigerator and VOILA…. a cascade of gas escapes like a waterfall.
I hate to seem preachy but i have been conditioned to be a problem solver and purpose driven. If everyone invested in understanding God and our physical bodies, the natural result would naturally be reduced health care costs. It can be irritating to watch so many people take their health for granted and live as if we are entitled to health; there would be no illness if that were the case. Medicine is NOT one size fits all and neither are our bodies. When you realize how much you are truly Loved by Christ your desire becomes to protect your divine assets, so you are able to perform at your best. Despite how hard I try, I can’t help but feel like such a failure sometimes because of my afflictions. Yet because of them I experience even more Love from my Savior. Sarcoidosis brings out the best in me and it is Christ. Thank you Lord for all the overtime work!
Most conventional medicine is quackery and goes against the divine design. Ignorance is not bliss, it can destroy. There is a reason Natural/Holistic practitioners are referred to as Functional Medicine Doctors because the alternate is dysfunction. My intent is not to bash regular physicians because I don’t believe it is intentional; just deception that runs very deep in the broken medical culture. I also believe that modern medicine has become a false idol.
Special thanks to my Heavenly Father, Dad who referred me to Robert Scott Bell and the ripple affect beyond to a plethora of holistic Dr.s actually giving tools to fix problems and heal the way God intended and designed us all. Mock away because I am a living and breathing sacrifice and miracle. So I boast in my weakness! What doesn’t kill you definitely makes you wiser and stronger through Christ.