Media Crisis

Pandemic, what a scary sounding word!

The only purpose of the news media is their obvious reporting that reveals an agenda; kill, steal, and destroy. Once again, my experience with chronic illness has allowed the Holy Spirit to continue using it to expose the demonic nature of the worldly system and use it for good. The corona virus news is completely irrational for both physical and spiritual reasons; revealing spiritual deception. It took 22+ years of being in bondage to our medical system to learn the very hard way that it has never been about healing,fixing, or wellness; if it was, I would not have lived over 26 years immune suppressed and currently disabled. However, the disappointment lead me to the cross; which was where it needed to begin. It took approximately 2 years for the medical community to even put a label on my illness, but it didn’t stop them from treating the symptoms. Once I was diagnosed, it also didn’t change the way they treated the symptoms because the root cause is irrelevant to actually correcting and repairing in a worldly system that blindly serves satan. On top of my diagnosis, being immune suppressed exposed me to a wide variety of sickness; virus, bacteria, parasites, and fungus; yet only testing for a specific virus (influenza) once in 2015, during the entire history. Accordingly they blindly treated the multiple illness’ with antibiotics on occasion, despite any evidence or proof of infection. Viral testing is not typical in the medical practice despite virus’ being very typical. This alone should speak volumes about the lack of willingness of the healthcare system to achieve answers. The customary practice is based on assumption/presumption that involve symptom resolution and not health. In fact, I have survived numerous virus’, including influenza-b, pneumonia, and shingles twice over the last 26 years with immune suppression. It was a medication that almost killed me; causing a-plastic anemia with a hemoglobin of 4.6. Not so ironically that medication was hydroxychloroquin, the medication they are testing to treat corona virus; which is a sulpha medication. There is far greater risk taking any medication; just read the drug profile warnings. It’s actually ironic all the names assigned to illness’ when at the core, the problems are based on similar biologic dysfunction that manifest differently in the body.

From the beginning of this viral conspiracy, my heavenly sensor was triggered deeply by all the inconsistency and the not so coincidental, even convenient, power play it was appearing to seek. The media keeps pushing the need for testing of the virus, however, testing for the corona virus or any other virus is completely irrelevant, because it doesn’t produce a solution; specifically the way it is treated. Labeling any illness is just a way to appear they can control it; built on lies and mind control. This becomes very apparent if you have ever had to deal with the medical system and doctors for any length of time. All men are flawed and prone to deception, including those that happen to study and receive a degree in any subject; including medicine. Studying flawed information only makes you an expert in deception. Our entire education system is nothing more than a system of intellectual idolatry when it is tested against scripture. The Bible is our tool for discernment and surviving all forms of deception. This world is untrustworthy and we have an epidemic of trusting idols which can only lead to destruction. We have a fear and idolatry pandemic and need to be more concerned with what is hidden spiritually; behind all the extreme focus! Do you discern deflection?

Our media reports hearsay which is unreliable information.

There is nothing rational about locking people away to hide from exposure to a specific microorganism among many. It reveals complete ignorance of the biologic system; which include virus’, bacteria, and parasites within the natural flora and completely disregards the immune system all together.

Sadly my favorite past time lately has been debunking all the media lies and the lies are plenty. The Bible teaches us to test spirits and there are demonic spirits evident to those involved in the content of the media. The media has a condition I would compare to ADHD and nearsighted in context. The focus exploits while eliminating far greater threats; vehicle collisions, aging, accidents, obesity, alcoholism, diabetes, opioids, and even iatrogenic death. The list is never ending in a proper perspective. The media perspective of the current corona virus crisis is an agenda based on presumption which is realistically unfounded. Spiritually and rationally this effort is completely blown out of proportion and leads to demonic spiritual fruits. We live by faith, not sight, and certainly not by worldly understanding. The purpose of the media is fear based and the corona virus is the current weapon of choice. Not only does the Bible warn numerous times of the source of fear being spiritually demonic but, in addition, there are physical repercussions, which impact the physical body that are harmful; causing hormone production, inflammation, confusion, and immune suppression. Fear is an assault to life physically that is perpetuated spiritually. The crisis is completely irrational when you actually analyze all the information available regarding this virus exposure. I’ve included the statistics from the World Health Organization so you can use your own mind about the truth.

Death Stats

The misunderstanding of virus’ and ignorance of the human body is apparent with the use of masks. Virus’ do not fly or remain suspended in the air. A virus is contracted by touching something that has the viral protein on it’s surface. After it is on your hand the protein is transmitted by touching your face,nose,eyes where it has access to travel by way of the lymphatic system via mucous to the lungs. There is a false understanding that you breathe in a respiratory virus. I suppose if somebody coughed in your face or was close enough when coughing, without covering their mouth, it could potentially be inhaled but it is unlikely. There is a reason why so much emphasis is placed on hand washing for prevention because hands and skin are the transmitters that the protein obtains access to mucous carriers within the bodies lymphatic system.

Further more, the statistics by the CDC have been continually manipulated to exploit this virus in an attempt to politicize and weaponize it.

Jesus Saves From all threats!

Romans 12:2 New International Version (NIV) Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

At the root of any physical crises is a spiritual manifestation. This world is the enemy and therefor our focus always needs to start much deeper, where the enemy operates. In order to know the enemy, we must be able to recognize spiritual fruits the Bible exposes in Galatians 5:19-25. The Bible truly is the best source and provides healing at the source. I believe all illness is rooted in deception, being disconnected from our Creator and treating the divine physical body as a temple. This world keeps us running in circles, chasing the next crises and cure, when stillness is where we find we already possess access to our own power and well being. You can’t focus on Christ and His truth when you are captivated by the media and world; which is the strategy of the demonic world. Seek the Kingdom of Heaven first! Spiritual discernment saves lives.

During difficult times I have been continually lead to the Word and quiet time with Christ. While the world screams of chaos, it presents an awareness of the spiritual ignorance that is the real threat. Understanding the spiritual process of sanctification and knowing Christ produces peace in the truth of scripture. As a result it becomes apparent the true identity of any conflict according to “fruits”. If people were inclined to turn off the TV and open their Bible to spend time with our Lord and Savior, we would not have a crisis. Reality is based on perception and it points to the source of our motivation.

The way we deal with uncertainty lets us know whether Jesus is ahead of us leading, or behind us just carrying our stuff. ~Bob Goff

Finally, I would like to add a source from Dr. John Bergman who is always thought provoking and provides diverse documentation with reliable information. I have been subscribing to his channel for several years now during my journey trying to recover my health after allopathic mismanagement of my illness. He has an ideal combination of spiritual wisdom combined with solid understanding of human anatomy and biology. I have found his material to effectively communicate complex issues with a gift for teaching. It is obvious his intent is to truly help people and challenge the unfortunate ways of the world.

Dr. John Bergman D.C. 4/12/2020

Diagnosis Witchcraft

God placed this amazing sermon in my path that so effectively brings to light the current spiritual blindness that is at epidemic proportions. The message is so needed and it is from over a year and a half prior to the most recent insanity. It also included a powerful prayer at the end that I wanted to have readily available. We need to be persistent in prayer during the evil days. Most churches are not addressing the spiritual application to relevant moments. Truly, nothing is new and there is so much to learn from Biblical history and discerning spiritual fruits. My mission is to try and reduce the spiritual blindness. I know God can create good in the midst of the darkness but we have to understand the battle on a deeper level if we have a prayer in this world.

Tim Sheets @ Oasis Church Sept. 5th 2018
Agree with this prayer as best as you can, let God hear your voice and commit yourself to be more than just those that agree now, but to commit yourself to make a difference. Commit yourself to pray for this nation like maybe you never have before; it certainly needs it.

Father I thank you that your word declares the truth sets us free. There’s so many word curses blasting through the airwaves, cursing this nation; the demon words. Lord add my voice to our voice, to those that are issuing a cry before you against the prophets of bale, against the demon prophecy is the prophets the word curse. Reverse them, reverse the word curses to come back and destroy the attack of hell, buying those curses in the name of Jesus. I bind those word curses off of individual lives in this group and bind it off of this house in Jesus name; you’re not permitted here, we bind it off this nation. Let the word curses reverse and destroy those who their curse. Pray for the strategies of hell to be exposed in increased ways; these princes of darkness, the spirits of darkness in the land that want to come against people’s lives and their children and to come against churches and the nation. We bind those strategies and command them to be exposed; expose them, expose them, tear the blanket off, rip it off. Show us that python spirit; we bind it in Jesus name, the strategies in every level of life, the strategies of darkness. We are those that are on alert for such a time as this; the plague of strategies against the people of God, against the heirs of God, against your leaders, against homes, against business. How many business’ have been destroyed by that constricting spirit, which destroys jobs and incomes. How many churches Lord, we bind it in Jesus name. May we be those Watchmen on the wall that are paying attention, that are declaring our faith. Destroy the attacks of hell at every level; of the state level, at the national level, local level, church level, every level! Activate the angelic princes of heaven to fight for us, to listen to these decrees of faith and begin to engage the enemy in a warfare that we win, we stand that we win, we declare right now we are gonna win this thing. Pray for our leaders Lord, to be strong, every word curse against them reverse them to those that did the cursing, may it be a prey in their own lives, do it seven fold as your word declares. Cause our leaders to be strong for values that honor You, honor your word on earth, honor the principles Lord that we are founded upon. We pray for wisdom Lord to be given to our leaders. You said Lord You give wisdom in the natural realm and in the spirit realm; it’s both, give spiritual wisdom, give natural wisdom, send confusion to the camp of the adversary, to deep hidden iniquity that’s entrenched in government, the deep state, so-called. We recognize that it’s hidden itself in the marketplace, also it is deeply embedded in education, it’s embedded in the seven mountains of the culture and sadly it’s embedded to some degree in the church. Destroy it, rip the band-aid off, expose the iniquity; destroy it, scatter it, and shatter it. We hear the voice of the Holy One. We hear the voice of the Prophet crying. Bind the witchcraft, bind it, go to war against it; stop it and bind jezabel! We rise in authority today and we bind jezebel, we bind to you, we bind you, we bind this murder spirit, the stealing conniving spirit, his word cursing spirit, we bind it in any of its influence against our families, our kids, our business’, our churches, our nation; we bind you in the name of Jesus Christ! Send destruction to Ahab and Jezebel, destroy their influence! In the name of Jesus, destroy it; come upon it Lord in aggressive ways. We bind Jezebel, we cleanse this house from it, we cleanse our house from it, we cleanse the national house from it. We say no we hear the prophets and we say no you are not permitted. The body of Christ will rise and we will make our stand. We are going to shift this nation and shift our covenant principles back into the right place and we’re gonna activate blessings and restoration, life abundant; which is our heritage in our right. We do it Lord because not only that we hear your prophets but we see your word. We hear what you said Lord, we hear what you said to the church. AMEN! ~Tim Sheets Oasis Church

Spiritual Clues